Panel presentation at the Human Development and Capabilities Association (HDCA) conference at UCL

Date: 8-10th of September 2019

Kirsten Sehnbruch, Pablo González and Rocío Mendez Pineda participated in a panel presentation on the quality of employment at the 2019 HDCA Conference on “Connecting Capabilities”. These panel presentations focused the capability approach as a robust theoretical framework for analysing the multidimensional aspects of job quality in developing countries. The panel responds to the need for undertaking more research on employment and capabilities, a topic which Sabina Alkire has described as a “missing dimension” of the capability approach. The panel presentation included the following research papers:

  • Employment and the Capability Approach: A Theoretical Framework
  • The Quality of Employment in Latin America
  • The Development of theQuality Of Employment In Chile over Time and across Regions